The key areas of Bitmatic is development in C#, C++ and C. Bitmatic has done development for a wide variety of platforms, but the Microsoft .NET platform, and the Compact Framework, for Mobile Devices is where Bitmatic is strongest.
Please refer to the CV of Jakob Olsen for further details on development experiences.
The size and structure of Bitmatic means that we are able to very quickly react to Your specific needs. Both larger and smaller projects can easily and quickly be implemented. We are always interested in new projects, and You are always welcome to contact us

EKHO – Reaction-time analysis equipment

EKHO is an exiting project we have developed in close co-operation with doctors and medical staff at Aarhus Kommune Hospital. It is a piece of medical equipment helping doctors diagnose people with organic and hepatic encephalopathy. The product is in use on the majority of hospitals in Denmark.