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Building The Best Solutions One Line At A Time

Quality Software

We all share a constant drive to be the best and deliver the best possible solution to the customer

Web Based By Design

The web and cloud are our home and base. We can deliver quality web-solution using the most modern techniques

Problem Solvers

Solving your problem is what drives us. No problem is too small or too big for us.


Flexibility First

Our size and structure ensures an agile and creative environment where the customer is always at the center.

Who We Are

Bitmatic is an independent software company founded by Jakob Olsen in 2004 and located in Aarhus, Denmark. We offer software development on a freelance or project basis, as well as selling and developing it’s own products – mainly EKHO.

Jakob is the heart of Bitmatic and is involved in everything that goes on in the company, and has a number of closely connected freelance specialists from developers, architects and project managers to graphic artists, photographers, text writers and a lot more. This makes Bitmatic very flexible and capable of taking on a very wide range of projects of almost any size.

The size and structure of Bitmatic allows us to work very closely with the customer. Keeping in daily contact with the customer ensures that we understand your problem, and can provide a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

The goal of Bitmatic is to deliver high quality software on-time to satisfied customers.

Jakob Brødsgaard Olsen

Jakob Brødsgaard Olsen

Owner, Lead developer, Smart man.

15 years of experience as a company owner and software developer means that Jakob is more than capable of landing your project safely.