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Just wanted to share with everyone that there is a .NET Profiler that works with the Compact Framework. It is made by a Danish company called Eqatec and best of all; It is completely free.

A long search has ended

I have been looking for something like this for several years, but until the Eqatec profiler, no profiler has been able to profile mobile applications. When working with the Compact Framework you often find yourself in situation where performance is an issue. Many times you can make educated guesses as to where the bottlenecks may be, but at other times you are left pretty clueless.
Attach a decent profiler, and your bottlenecks will be clear as ice.

Does it work?

When the Eqatec profiler was released I immediately put it into work with profiling an application that had some performance issues during initial startup. We had tried solving these by guesswork, but it hadn’t helped a lot.
Within 2 hours of attaching the profiler, I had cut the startup time to a fraction of what it was before.

There is a small issue that you need to be aware of with this profiler. Because of the way it works, by instrumenting the code, it adds a little bit of overhead to every function call. This means that small functions that get called a lot will appear to be more time consuming than they really are, because most of the time used is actually the overhead. This is something to look out for, when deciding which functions to try to optimize. It would be really nice if Eqatec could find a way to compensate for this overhead.

Other than that the profiler works like a charm. And by the way – I am not paid to write this, I just like the product a lot.