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Logitech’s SetPoint software is causing severe problems for people using ActiveSync to sync with their mobile devices.
The incompatibility between SetPoint and ActiveSync causes programs running on the affected computer to loose focus for about half a second every four seconds or so – making it next to impossible to work on the computer.
The problem seems to be caused by a Microosoft Outlook process that is started in the background by ActiveSync when ActiveSync tries to sync with the connected device. It is really between this background Outlook process and the Logitech SetPoint software the incompatibility lies. They have a really hard time existing at the same time.
Luckily there are a few solutions.

Solution 1 – Start Outlook before connecting the device

This solution really is as simple as it sounds. If Outlook runs already when the device is plugged in ActiveSync will hook itself up to the existing Outlook instance which doesn’t cause the focus problems with SetPoint.
For most users this will be the ideal solution, since most people that use Outlook as their mail/contacts/etc. program tends to have it running all the time anyway. In fact, many people are probably using this solution already without even knowing it making them happily unaware of how crappy a piece of software SetPoint really is.

Solution 2 – Kill the Outlook.exe process

This solution is admittedly not very elegant – but it will work.

  • Plug in your device as normal
  • Wait for the device to stop syncing
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open up the task manager
  • Select the “Processes” tab
  • Select the process called “OUTLOOK.EXE”
  • Hit “Kill Process”
  • Windows will complain and warn you about killing processes, but trust me – the problem will disappear

This solution may seem very crude, but it is the one i usually end up doing when i need to sync to backup my contacts every once in a while.

Solution 3 – Don’t sync anything

  • Setup ActiveSync to not sync anything with the device

This solution is ideal for those of you that really only plugin the device to recharge it (like me most of the time). When ActiveSync is set up to not sync anything, it will actually still sync the clock, but the main thing is – it wont fire up the background Outlook process that is the source of the problem…. Problem solved – If you don’t need the sync’ing.

Solution 4 – The proper solution

Logitech and Microsoft call each other and solve the problem….. 😉

Wrapping it up

I have presented a few solutions to this curious problem. A quick search of this problem on google will reveal numerous frustrated Logitech users dating back many years. It seems that neither Microsoft nor Logitech have any interest in solving this problem. It is a real shame since it has scared of people from buying Logitech products. They have some of the best hardware available on the market, but it is shamelessly ruined by poorly designed software.