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A new version of EKHO is on its way. EKHO 2


EKHO is a piece of medical equipment used for discrimination between organic and hepatic encephalopathy by means of continuous reaction times. The EKHO system consists of a piece of hardware and a software program, that measures reaction times in patients during the course of a ten-minute test. The test is both accurate, non-invasive and very cost-efficient.

Ready to go in 10 minutes

The EKHO system is very easy to install. Just install the software from the accompanying CD, plug in the hardware and follow the setup procedure to adjust the sound levels, add your patient to the database and start testing.
The system is designed to be easy to operate, and should require very little training of the operator.
Results will be presented live during the test, and when the test is completed the finished result can be printed to any windows-printer or imported into spreadsheet programs like Excel for further study.
All relevant data from the test is saved with the patient data, and can be easily retrieved when needed.

Easy hardware installation

The EKHO system can be connected to any standard PC with a soundcard problem-free. The PC must be running Microsoft Windows XP, and we recommend the use of a laptop computer for maximum mobility.
The system consists of a lightweight closed headphone, a push-button and a custom designed Audio Response Unit. No power source or batteries are needed for the system to operate. All parts are very sturdy and reliable, and should hold up to years of daily use.

EKHO 1.3 released

The latest version of the EKHO software is version 1.3.
This version contains a host of exiting new features that have been requested by different users.

  • Improved data security.
  • Improved timing algorithm.
  • Deletable tests.
  • Editable user data.
  • The inclusion of timing information in the test files to make time based analyses possible.
  • Optimized file format to make importing in excel easier.

EKHO downloads

Dowload the complete EKHO installation for version 1.3 of the program. The software is free to use and install on as many computers as you like, but will not be of much use unless you own a copy of the EKHO hardware.
Alternatively download just the quick guide, in case you lost it. This is the quick guide for EKHO 1.3 Danish version.

Download EKHO 1.3 software

Download EKHO 1.3 quick guide